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What is Weird and Silly?

Weird and Silly is slice of life/comedy cartoon about characters doing their every day lives. There are five segments in the series, MuttToons, Keisha and Dallas, Flower Stem, Princess Mayla. Each segment taken place in different universes except for Heather and Carrot and Keisha and Dallas. The series was made in June 2, 2019. 


In the spring of 2019, the creator announced that she was combining her series Princess Mayla, Flower Stem, MuttToons, and Keisha and Dallas ( a comic that was originally going to be a comic of its own) into one big cartoon due to the creator making too many series . In June 2, 2019 Weird and Silly was born.

The first strip was first posted DeviantArt.

 In January, 2020, a new segment Heather and Carrot appeared as the main characters. The comic was later released in WebToons which gain over 1k views.

In 2022, the creator announce on DeviantArt all new Weird and Silly strips will be posted on WebToons moving forward.

Weird and Silly is available on WebToons! Posted every once a week: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/weird-and-silly/list?title_no=391433&page=1

Note: Warning: This cartoon does contain bad languages and blood if you’re easily offensive over swearing and blood please don’t read Weird and Silly. Please do NOT repost, edit, or copy any of the strips

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